“I have utilized the services of Amy Lam, R.N. at Mutual Medical Legal Consulting, LLC, in connection with reviewing medical records and analyzing those records, for purposes of litigation, in the context of medical malpractice lawsuits. Amy was extraordinarily thorough in her review and anlaysis of the medical records and has been of tremendous assitance in connection with the cases on which she has consulted. In addition, Amy is both responsive and prompt in her communications with those for whom she is consulting. Under the circumstances, I recommend Mutual Medical Legal Consulting, LLC without reservations.” – John Thal | Atkinson, Thal & Baker, P.C.               

Contact us at (505) 933-5265 or at info@mutual-medical-legal-consulting.com so that we may assist you with case-winning cost-effective and time-saving services. While your focus is the law, we provide your firm the competitive medical edge.

Founder and director of Mutual Medical Legal Consulting, a domestic company, Amy M. Lam and her associates, have years of clinical experience as Registered Nurses and training as nationally Certified Legal Nurse ConsultantsCM. We have the winning combination to consult with attorneys and companies to make concise and persuasive narratives out of numerous, complex, and oftentimes confusing, medical record details. We have the knowledge and insight to pick out the details that may make the case, settle the case for higher value, or win the verdict.

We are the experts on the ins-and-outs of medical care. We are at bedside with patients, doctors, and ancillary staff. We know the policies and procedures, as well as standards of care. We understand the hierarchy and staffing of hospital and ambulatory outpatient settings in varied specialties. We are thoroughly familiar with medical charts and know when records are missing or tampered with.

With our experience and strong analytical skills, we can quickly screen cases for merit, saving you time and money. We can access damages and identify pre-existing conditions. We can locate qualified testifying experts in all areas of specialty including medical, ancillary, and forensic fields.

We can work on a case from beginning to end, or provide services specific to your needs.

Let us simplify the overwhelming medical records and issues, making the facts easy for you and the jury to understand. Let us add value to your cases. Put us on your legal team for greater success.

Certified Legal Nursing ConsultantCM (CLNC®) certification attests to the attainment of specialized knowledge beyond the nursing degree.

Through a rigorous nationally recognized training program and examination, CLNC® develop in-depth knowledge and participate in continuing education for recertification, necessary to practice in this sophisticated and rapidly changing field of legal nurse consulting.

The pioneer of the field of legal nurse consulting is Vickie L Milazzo, RN, MSN, JD. Her Institute was named by Inc. magazine as one of the Top 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America. The Institute is the oldest and largest legal nurse consulting training institute. In 1994, Vickie created the trademark CLNC® Certification Program, the first national legal nurse consulting certification, with the assistance of extensive peer review, the advice of professional testing consultants and certification developers, and a board of leading legal nurse consultants.

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